Thursday, July 27, 2006

North American 4 Tournament Update - Calling Out 6 Nations and Tri-Nations

Just a quick update on the North American 4 Tournament, where the Falcons and Canada East have secured berths in Saturday's championship game. The Hawks and Canada West are playing the same day for 3rd place... and perhaps their manhoods, although I'm not entirely sure that's in the tournament bylaws. And if you think that Hawks, Falcons, and two Canadian compass points do not add up to four nations, well me too.

Things to look for in Saturday's games:
  • Blood, teeth and possibly a severed head. This is rugby, live it up.
  • Bill Simmons bothers as much as entertains me, but, like him, I grew up watching wrestling. And I really want one of the 6 Nations or Tri-Nations teams to show up after the championship game and (assuming the Falcons win) start an impromptu intertournament game. I want the announcer to exclaim "Oh my God! It's, it's, it's.... it's the English national rugby team's music!" Let's make it a rivalry. I want to get into heated yellfests with some rugby fans from a country that doesn't have a leaf on their flag. England, New Zealand, France... somebody want to make my day? I know you'd beat our asses at first, but I also bet we'd catch up in a few years.


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