Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Top Ten Obscure Sports in the World

There is actually a difference between obscure and fringe, but for the purposes of this column they're close enough. Thanks to YesButNoButYes for compiling the list and Deadspin for pointing me in the right direction. Consider all of these ripe for future columns.

10. World Highland Games - Scots throwing big sticks and rocks.

9. Professional Putt-Putt Tour - I need to get involved in this organization.

8. Surf Lifesaving - Moving closer and close to my idea of paying lifeguards by commission, thereby saving beaches money and improving life guard performance.

7. American Cribbage Congress - Finally, the sport of champion Grandmas.

6. Dog Sledding - FSC covered this while with Sports Media Watch.

6a. BrewSkee-Ball - They stole my idea!

5. World Footbag Association - Competing with Ultimate Frisbee to be the official sport of people who smell like patchouli.

4. Rock Paper Scissors League - One of FSC's friends from college was big into this. He knew about its Korean roots. Seriously. And he probably would have been even more into it had he known about the girls of Rock Paper Scissors.

3. World Adult Kickball Association - For adults who like sports but can't do sports... the grown up game for kids who were picked last in gym class.

2. Unicycle Hockey World Championships - Perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever heard of.

1. Extreme Ironing World Champsionships - I don't know. It's cool, but there's such a thing as trying too hard.


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