Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Number 1 Photographic Reason Why Wrestling is a Fringe Sport

Honestly, there's just no way this looks good on TV. How does a sport grow where this seems to happen in every third match? And it's not like this is a recent phenomenon. Check out this picture from 1955:

Tell me this doesn't look like the 1950's college wrestling equivalent of the Paris Hilton sex tape. Go ahead. Say it with a straight face. Still, there's hope for the sport. But I'll get to that in another column. For now, enjoy the unintentional comedy these pictures represent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having filmed and interviewed several hundred wrestlers for an upcoming documentary, I can tell you that it isn't the wrestling that causes it to be a "fringe" sport, it's your homophobic attitude toward it, and how it makes YOU uncomfortable. You recognize the homoeroticism of those photos because that IS another aspect of it, it's called, human nature. Tell me you didn't get boned up wrestling around with your buddies as a kid. Duh. People like you need to get over your fear of human reality, because it's people like YOU that censor and cause sports like wrestling to be "fringe" sports. You are uncomfortable with yourself.

11:48 AM  

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